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strawberry biscuit tartlets
Last weekend we roamed the Gartenflohmärkte in Solln-Obersendling. Though my goal had been to look for things for our wedding, I did make another great find: mini pie forms! I was so excited about them that I tried them out the very next day. And they turned out phenomenal. Strawberry tartlets are just the thing for a summer Kaffeekränzchen with coffee and cake and flowers.

I had always thought that making biscuit (or sponge cake) is extremely finnicky. But this turned out surprisingly easy. It was super quick to make (I got slowed down immensely by taking photos and being excited) and oh so good.

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

Zutaten (=ingredients)

makes 6 tartlets
takes about 45 minutes

for the biscuit/sponge dough

3 eggs
75 g flour
a large pinch of Backpulver
75 g sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

for the strawberry topping

a few teaspoons of jam (strawberry obviously is best, but how about rhubarb jam or apple jelly?)
500 g strawberries

Preheat the oven to 180°C
Start with mixing you dough: Whip together the egg yolks and sugar until it’s fully dissolved. Slowly mix in the sieved flour and baking powder. It should be the consistency of a thick pancake batter so that you can easily fold in the egg whites. If it gets too thick, add a few teaspoons of water.
Beat the egg whites and add the vanilla sugar to the egg whites (and if you like a pinch of salt). Fold the Eischnee (“egg snow”) into the egg/sugar/flour mix.

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

On a side note: I love making my own vanilla sugar. I just shove the empty vanilla beans in a jar after I scraped them for some other recipe and fill it up with sugar. I just keep refilling, shaking and replacing as I bake and empty it out completely maybe once a year.

Now for preparing the forms: Many recipes tell you to place a sheet of parchment paper onto the flat round surface of the forms. I skipped that because I felt cutting out little paper circles would be overkill. I slathered them in melted butter, dusted them in flour and added ground almonds to the middle circle. And it worked fine. Just make sure you don’t let the forms cool completely but carefully pull out the tartlets after maybe 10 minutes.

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

Distribute the dough into the forms. It will rise a little, but I had no overflow problems even though I filled them to the brim. Place them on a wire rack (add a sheet of parchment paper if you’re still worried that they’ll spill, like me) and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. They should get a slight tan on, but not actually brown up on top. Let them cool for a few minutes and carefully peel the dough from the forms.
Getting them out of the shapes isn’t that hard if you prepare the forms properly. I did a second round without cleaing them out all the way and ended up losing bits of the rim.

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

Once you’re done with the biscuit, the rest is a piece of cake. Melt the jam in a little water bath and paint the inside of the tartlets with it. Then fill with strawberries – or any other fruit you’d like.

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

Normally, people would add Tortenguß – a gelatiny cover that keeps it all together. But I say, why bother? When you have deliciously ripe fruit they will hold up well enough without it. And if not, the crumbs are just as delicious!
I also added a little rhubarb before arranging the strawberries. I had made rhubard sirup that morning, so I had plenty of leftover dry-ish rhubarb compote. Don’t use proper juicy compote though as it will get the tartlets all mushy.

Just before serving dust them with a little icing sugar.

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen

mangia minga - Erdbeertörtchen


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