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Gartenflohmärkte Solln-Obersendling

neigbourhood fleamarket in München-Solln/Obersenlding
Flea markets are fun. Kind of. If it wasn’t for those huge spread out markets where people haul all those things they don’t need anymore. You get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of “stuff”. The weather is mostly either too hot or too rainy. And after an hour, I’m done and ready for quiet time.

That’s why I love Hofflohmärkte! In Munich it’s an initiative by not sure who’s really behind it. There’re multiple dates all over the summer with different neighbourhoods each. Basically, the fleamarket isn’t one fleamarket anymore, but a neighbourhood-wide yard or courtyard sale!
It’s great because you get little chunks of fleamarket and then stroll on through the neighbourhood until you spot another set of balloons advertising someone else’s stall.

You get totally different vibes depending on what neighbourhood it’s in. Last Saturday, we went to the garden fleamarkets in Solln and Obersendling. The area consists of mostly single family houses that over time eneded up being rather densely packed because the large properties they had in the 1920s and 30s got slowly divided up into mulitple lots. We had a great time discussing how that process was going about! One of our favourites was vertainly this one below. The house was set back from the street a bit to make way for a swimming pond. There were chickens roaming through the garden. And rabbits, too!

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln

Everywhere the peonies were in full bloom. I wish I could have inhaled them!

Just as Dub’s belly started groanin’ for coffee these guys showed up selling espresso in their garage. We opted to pay in € rather than British Pounds and felt like that was a good deal.

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln

Thankfully, people were imaginative enough to realize that if you were wandering around the whole neighbourhood looking for fleamarket stalls all day, soon or later, you’d get hungry! These guys here were serving up Nürnberger Bratwürst in a bun with Sauerkraut and hot mustard. And what would a Wurstsemmel be with a refreshing beer or Radler!? Man, I love Germany.

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln

mangia minga - Gartenflohmarkt Solln


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