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mangia minga // 'Westparkpicknick'

The other day, we headed over to Westpark for a relaxed evening picnic date. Westpark is a huge park than spans from our neighbourhood to the next and the next. On sunny Sundays it’s packed with Spaziergänger – when there’s no errands you can run, because everything is closed, us Germans absolutely love to go for a stroll!

But even on this mild weekday evening the park was buzzing with joggers, people biking home from work, others just leisurely strolling. And people like who brought a few bits and a few sips and enjoyed an atmospheric summer evening in the park.

All you need is love – and a few bites to eat and utensils:

  • table cloth
  • small wooden cutting board
  • knives and spoons
  • small tupper box with butter
  • mini-jar with salt
  • pepper grinder
  • bread and/or Brezn
  • cucumber, Radieserl (radishes), Radi (white radish), kohlrabi

mangia minga // 'Westparkpicknick'

mangia minga // 'Westparkpicknick'


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