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Wirtshaus im Bavariapark

mangia minga // 'wedding prep: sewing bag toss bags'

This past week I definitely maxed out my meat quota for the rest of the month. Dub’s cousin and his wife were visiting and Dub made sure they wouldn’t miss out on any of Munich’s meaty specialties. It worked: the other Dub was impressed. And happy. And gained a few pounds.

The Wirtshaus im Bavaria Park is on top of the list of our go-to restaurants. Actually the Biergarten is. Partially because it’s just around the corner, but also because the setting is beautiful: the building that the resaurant sits in is one of the remaining buildings from the old trade fair that used to be just next to the Oktoberfest fair grounds behind our lady Bavaria (that’s a statue of the patroness of Bavaria overlooking Theresienwiese). To one side the Biergarten opens into a large square that, on weekends and summer evenings, is filled with people passing through and children playing. To the other side it borders Bavaria Park, a small neighbourhood park where we go for playing ultimate and for dog watching.

This time, with the extended Dubber family, we were too lazy to bring our on food and couldn’t be bothered to stand in line at the self-service, so moved a few tables over into the serviced Biergarten section of the restaurant.

I’ve had their classic Munich vegetarian dishes before: Kasspatzn and Semmlknödln mit Rahmschwammerln. Both were rather dissappointing. But this time, we all went for some hearty meatiness. And boy, that was delicious. Possibly one of the best Schweinshaxn and Schweinsbraten in town.


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