Chicken on a String

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

Wir sind Weltmeister!!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Deutschland is just too excited! The Wort Cup Victory form last Sunday is still filling the air – at least that’s what I think it is now every time that I hear people honking their horns. At this point, they’re probably just being German and complaining about some other driver being a Depp (=idiot). But on Sunday night and throughout the day Monday every little honk, every cheer, every waving hand and every ole-oleee just meant: Wir sind Weltmeister! We won the Cup!

‘54, ’74, ’90, zweitausendvierzehn
ja so stimmen wir alle ein
mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein.

We were lucky enough to be invited over to watch the game at a friends house. And while thousand of others were crammed into the Biergärten by noon, we had a beautiful leisurely afternoon hinging out in the garden, watching the little ones play and prepare for the games with a bbq-feast.

I guess I showed up at our meat counter a little late for getting bbq sausages on such a day. So rather than getting some phenomenal organic+local coarse sausages, I tried out a recipe from my latest Servus magazine: coriander and paprika marinated chicken skewers.

Coriander and Paprika marinated Chicken Skewers with Radish and Speck

Zutaten (= ingredients)

for the marinade
4 tablespoons canola or sunflower oil
1 tablespoon crushed coriander seeds
1 tablespoon ground paprika
freshly ground coarse black pepper

for the skewers
2 chicken breasts of two handful Hendlgeschnetzeltes*
100 g Speck**, cut into 3-5 mm slices
4 small summer radishes or one small daikon radish

*Geschnetzeltes is pre cut poultry, cut into little strips similar to the beef chunks you can sometimes by for stews. It’s a little more fatty than regular trimmed breasts and makes better use of the whole chicken = good! and yes, I actually just ordered „two handful“ at the counter. Sometimes specifying exact weight seem like too much of a hassle and an overkill, too.

**Cold smoked bacon, bacon should be fine as a substitute.

Start by peeling and chopping the radishes. I cut mine into 1 cm thick sliced, but in retrospect, smaller pieces would have been better. Toss them in salt and let them drain in a colander while you prepare everything else.

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

Marinate the chicken simply mixing all the spices with the chicken. No need to let it marinate for too long if you allow the finished skewers to sit in the fridge for a while before tossing them onto the grill.

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

Cut the Speck into chunks and get ready for skewering! The original recipe did this beautifully by using half peeled rosemary twigs instead of skewers. But since I found neither rosemary nor skewers during my frantic morning errands, I had to come up with something else.

And this is where the twine came into the picture: rather than using skewers I used a 30cm piece of twine and a thick sewing needle for knits. And it worked beautifully!

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

Thread the radish, Speck and chicken onto your skewers of ghetto twine somehow alternating the ingredients. If you didn’t allow the chicken to marinate more than 15 minutes, give it some more time now. Once it some to bbq the twine-skewers, don’t overdo it. I know some people are very particular about heating chicken until it’s bone-dry. Don’t. Get good quality local chicken. Buy it fresh. Use it the same day. Don’t overcook it.

Share with your friends and enjoy alongside a perfectly poured Weißbier, some potluck salads and Germany’s fourth World Cup star.

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'

mangia minga // 'Chicken on a String'


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