A Birthday Voucher

A few weeks ago it was one of my best friends’s birthday. I usually am not the biggest fan of gifting vouchers because I know how I am with them: I’m having serious trouble using them! This time however, I gave myself a little nudge, knowing that this voucher would be a better present than anything I could come up with in the little time I still had. Way better!

Can you guess, what it is for?

mangia minga // 'birthday voucher for a home-sewn Dirndl'

I am super pumped about this Dirndl-to-be. Taking measurements, picking fabric, choosing and alternating a pattern, making a muslin Mieder, cutting out the pieces, putting them together, fitting, altering, decorating and then hopefully escorting the Dearndl and the Dirndl to Oktoberfest 2015.

The voucher I whipped up within 1-2 hours. What I learned in the city college fashion drawing course  (Münchner VHS – Modezeichnen) definitely helped, so did my beloved copic colouring pens. I simply sketched up a girl in a bathing suit on a thin white paper correcting lines when necessary and traced the cleaned up version onto another sheet. You can look up some professional paper dolls to get inspiration. The only thing that is important is to think about how your clothes will attach to the doll: the slim fitting waist of the Dirndl is perfect for that.

For the dresses I overlayed the thin paper over the cleaned up doll sketch and just drew whatever came to mind. I didn’t bother trying to be perfect or pretty or touching things up but rather just let it flow. Remember to include little fastening strips on the dresses in places that’ll wrap snugly around the doll.

mangia minga // 'birthday voucher for a home-sewn Dirndl'  mangia minga // 'birthday voucher for a home-sewn Dirndl'  mangia minga // 'birthday voucher for a home-sewn Dirndl'

For stability I glued the coloured doll and the dresses onto bristol paper before cutting them out.

mangia minga // 'birthday voucher for a home-sewn Dirndl'

After I took the photos I decided to give the little lady a paper Bierkrug – even a paper doll doesn’t want to go thristy.


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