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Roaming for Restaurants: Forsthaus Ilkahöhe

I don’t remember the first time I came to Ilkahöhe. It must have been one of those spots, Mum and us would occasionally drop by one a fall walk. From the top of the hill flanking the Starnberger See – the Höhe – the view over the foothills of the Alps is pretty nice on normal days, amazing on sunny fall days and incredible when warm chinook winds visually place the mountains within arms reach.

mangia minga // 'Roaming for Restaurants: Forsthaus Ilkahöhe'

view from our dinner table at the tasting dinner

Dub and I came here in the spring scouting out locations for our wedding ceremony. While that whole ceremony-with-a-stunning-view-thing fell through we still celebrated our civil marriage with a 3 hour lunch at the restaurant Forsthaus Ilkahöhe. Hands down, I’ve never eaten at a restaurant with a more stunning view.

I have eaten at places with better food though… Actually, the food was nice and I’m probably just too spoiled. We had a great starter salad with local smoked Starnberger See Renken that disappeared even of the plates of the vegetarians. And the dessert Apfelkiachal – apple slices fried in pancake dough – were delicious, too. The mains, Schweinsbraten and homemade ravioli, were decent. The service was good and they tried hard, but it did seem like they were rather overwhelmed with a party of 30. In the end, of a place with such a view (and very pretty and tastefully styled rooms!), I expected a little more wow! in the food.

Next time, I will have a massive salad with smoked fish and a big dessert. And chances are, there will be a next time.

mangia minga // 'Roaming for Restaurants: Forsthaus Ilkahöhe'

mangia minga // 'Roaming for Restaurants: Forsthaus Ilkahöhe'

Dub trying to figure out which mountains are where


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