fall flowers

revisiting the Sonnenacker after harvest

mangia minga // fall flowers

People like to complain about the weather so much they forget to open their eyes and see what’s right in front of them. Yes, this summer was a little rainy. Again. And still I caught myself so many times thinking „this is my favourite season“ until the weather changed and I thought „this is my favourite season“. Because „right now“ is my favourite season. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

This fall even the blindest chicken must have found some grains.

mangia minga // fall flowers

mangia minga // fall flowersmangia minga // fall flowers

mangia minga // fall flowersmangia minga // fall flowers

Early summer I had discovered a Sonnenacker where from neat rows of soil kohlrabi and zucchini plants were growing in German orderliness. I stopped by again this golden October. The kohlrabi was gone, and so was the orderliness. Instead scrubs of garden cosmos and the lanky stalks of drying sunflowers had turned the field into my epitome of a Bavarian Bauerngarten. All sorts of weedy herbs and grasses were covering the furrows. Forgotten cabbage heads had wilted and fallen over, from their trunks young leaves were sprouting upwards. Thick red and golden swiss chard was growing among thistle and clover. A bean tendril had gotten a hold of an especially high sunflower while nasturium were covering their feet.

The only barren spots were where people had harvested red fingerling potatoes a few days ago and digging in the black crumbles revealed a few tiny overlooked treasures.

mangia minga // fall flowers


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