the Secret

On his last trip away, Dub sent me a comic he had stumbled across, that he said had made him think of me. I can see why.

mangia minga // incidental comics: the secret

Now I catch my self in those moments when there’s nothing to do but let your mind wander thinking…

the sliver of pale silver in the dark blue evening sky

the way the tulips all grew to different lengths in the same vase

that gravel pit I have never noticed before how deep it is

those two geese pecking snails in the field (and it’s not Canada geese!)

the ditch our neighbourhood squirrel dug in our strawberry pot trying to bury its walnuts – again

the slightly off yet radiant smell of the yellow glowing canola fields

seeing all these kids again that I used to coach when they were little and how they’ve all grown into young women now

how the glider plane is being pulled up into the air with a barely visible pulley system and the parachute that slowly guides the pulley back down to earth while the glider gently sweeps among the soft spring clouds

a few horses trotting along the path in the distance

This place just has too much wonder and beauty in it, it’d be a waste if we just looked for it in the big things.


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