Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

mangia minga // travels: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

2 weeks in the Maritimes

When I add it all up, I’m surprised myself to how many different places within Canada I have travelled since I first moved there for my undergrad degree in 2010. From the big cities in Ontario and Québec, to taking the TransCanada rail from Edmonton to Vancouver, beautiful weddings in Ontario, family visits on Vancouver Island and beyond, a canoe trip on the Yukon, engineering competitions in Red Deer and Sherbrooke, race weekends with the rowing and the dragon boat team, camping in Algonquin Park… And even though I had wanted to go to the Maritimes since before I even got to Toronto, I still hadn’t been.

A big family birthday gathering was the perfect nudge for us to plan this year’s big trip out to St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick and let things unravel from there.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick

Grand Manan, New Brunswick

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


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