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Dashing through the slush

When we decided to spend a few days in Wildsteig over christmas, one of the factors had been the hope for snow. The town seems to be a favourite of Frau Holle. While surrounding towns often sport nothing more than a slight dusting of snow, Wildsteig has a decent cover. Last spring, while the Wildsteiger cows were frolicking in the snow like puppies, the ones in Saulgrub, the next town over, were nibbling away on greenish brown pastures.

Unfortunately, Frau Holle, again, decided there was no need for fluffing her duvets around christmas. So instead of walking through a winter wonderland we walked through a gentle spring day.


Last week, however, it was finally time to fluff the duvets and thick snowflakes fell from the sky covering not only Wildsteig, but even Munich in a decent layer of snow. My mum jumped at the opportunity and treated us to a horse-drawn sleigh ride!

By Saturday the sun was strong enough again to turn the paths and southern slopes into mush. Lucky for us though our sleigh turned out to be a hand-crank operated convertible – whenever the snow cover on the paths got too thin our driver would turn the crank to lower the carriage wheels.

Back at the farm we went cooing and awing at the baby goats while my grandma ordered her easter kid.


Oh, and what better way is there to end an outing in Wildsteig than with a walk up Mühlegg taking in the view? And then coffee and pastries from the Bäckerei Brandmeier on the hut (the Mandelring aus Blätterteig  comes highly recommended).


waddly badger tracks

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