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A walk in Weipertshausen

What is great about effectively having a 7 to 5:30 workday is that by Friday afternoon, I’m not only exhausted, but also done. 2pm – though mostly 3pm – and I’m out of the office.

Bye bye construction sites. Bye bye stress and deadlines and suppliers and sub-contractors.

Hello weekend.


Since Dub would still be working most Friday afternoons, I’d often take the long route home, cruising through the country side, stopping to cut flowers or wander about. This time around I stopped in a little hamlet whose old farmhouses sitting on the hillside had been making me curious each time I drove by.

Huflattich // coughwort
Schneeglöckchen // snowdrop

Though as I write this, sitting in front of our big living room window onto the neighbouring roofs, snow is more or less pouring from the skies (not those fluffy, slowly drifting flakes, but tiny ones tumbling and falling, most of them melting once they hit the ground). When I was out in Weipertshausen, not only did the sun poke through the clouds and high fog, but decently warm (= not cold) winds were grazing the hills and the first (maybe even second) round of spring flowers were poking their little blossoms out.


Marterl bei Weipertshausen

I’m not sure I ever realised quite how much religion has shaped our Bavarian landscape. I’m so used to there being Marterl (wayside crosses), shrines, and chapels dotting the landscape, that I barely notice them as something noteworthy anymore. They are just there. Like the trees, villages and farms. And so, every time I go through a set of photos from one of our excursions, there they are. A Marterl here, another one there. And though I myself am not religious, they reassure me. The tell me, it’s alright, your at home, this is where you’re from and we’re just part of your Heimat.


St. Colomann, Weipertshausen



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