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Eibsee curcuit

I’m super pumped. I got my beloved Fujifilm X20 back from repair after it had had dust on the sensor for almost a year. Though we were hesitant at first, going out to Eibsee was the perfect way to celebrate that spanking clean sensor!


So far I had only known the lake from above – looking down the forested slopes onto the blue and turquoise waters while winding up the mountain in the Zugspitzbahn. Eibsee lies just at the foot of Zugspitze, which is at almost 3’000 m Germany’s highest mountain (though we kind of have to share it with Austria, and for them it’s not even among their top 20 highest mountains).

Dub had a colleague in town and we were thinking about heading out to Murnau for a walk and a visit to the charming Gabriele-Münter-Haus. But they had heard Eibsee was nice, so Eibsee it was. It did mean a 2 1/2 to 3 hour journey door-to-lake with a handful of transfers, but little Dub was happy, so we were, too. And I seldomly complain about taking the train through my beloved Bavarian countryside.


It’s a pretty and easy walk comfortably doable in 2 hours (even with lots of chatting and a baby in the carrier). Online it seemed like most site were recommending doing the tour counter-clockwise around the lake, but we found the clockwise direction to be a lot better! The southern shore is winding through the woods a lot more and looks out only onto the foothills. Doing it counter-clockwise would mean climaxing within the first kilometre and then having a “just” pleasant rest of the walk. Though if you’re planning on taking the train (or gondola) all the way up to the top of Zugspitze you want to to only street your legs a little definitely take in the views from the northern shore right past the hotel.


Even beside the obvious, spectacular views of Zugspitze it’s a beautiful walk passing tiny pools and small lakes, crossing creeks and falls. As the path winds along the lake, rising and falling only gently, behind every bend new views open and there’s always something pretty to discover.

It is a great walk to do with kids! We took little Dub in the carrier but on the northern side saw many, many kids in strollers. The walk is easy enough for the little ones and smooth enough for strollers (no need for cool off-road buggies). And there’s so much to explore along the path!



We had totally expected the lake to look like in all the photos you can find only: deep blue dotted with turquoise rimmed rocky islands. Little did we expect, that being only mid-march, those vibrant colour would still be blocked by a layer of ice. But the lake wasn’t the only thing covered in ice. Though the path is cleared from snow in the winter, on the southern shore in the shade of trees and the mountains, a layer of ice had formed on the path smoothened by hundreds of feet. At times it was quite slippery so proper shoes are definitely recommended!




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