Easter in Gargnano

Easter was a treat. It’s not like I got any more sleep than usual. In fact, I don’t remember the last night I slept 7 hours straight – having a baby does that to you (I’m not quite a sleepwalking zombie, but there’s definitely days where I’m really looking forward for Dub to come home from work). However, stepping out on that terrace at my family’s cottage makes all of that tiredness fall off my shoulders. Soaking in the view makes me feel like I just arrived home. Every single time.

Even in the early spring it’s always a few degrees warmer in Gargnano than in München. The sun is out a little more. And that slight green veil of spring leaves has already been draped across the hill sides. While across the lake Monte Baldo is still snow-capped.



Strolling down Gargnano main street not much has changed over the years. Yet each time we’re there, there are small signs of an ever changing community. A new bar selling the paper, a cheese shop that makes their own cheese, our gelateria moving to a new spot, the church in a fresh coat of paint. And while I miss some of the details of “back when I was little”, Gargnano has never yet ceased to charm me.






2 thoughts on “Easter in Gargnano

  1. Nice post! We spend time every year in Gargnano and Tignale. It is as invigorating as the first time we were there in 1999. We usually stay out of town at La Terrazzina. It has a 180 degree view of the lake and is the only place where I am truly mellow.


    1. Oh, La Terrazzina looks great! I had never heard of it before, but we sure will check it out for dinner sometime and take in that view. We do go to Pizzeria Paradiso sometimes though, the view are also pretty sweet from there.


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