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Johannifeuer auf der Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte

“The best days are not planned by common sense, by lack of time
You just happen to be where everything feels fine”.
(Anna Ternheim, “My secret”)

It’s not quite true, that we didn’t plan our Johanni hike to Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte near Kufstein. We had planned something, just something else. Then we found out Little Dub was on her way and just kept that weekend open in everyone’s calendars. And then it rained. And rained. And rained. And we still went. Despite the rain. Because it seems the best memories are made when things aren’t planned, or when they turn out different than planned.



To be fair, the real downpour didn’t start until we had reached the hut and were snuggled into the Stubn feasting on Kaiserschmarrn, coffee, pea soup and Schnaps. By the time we had warmed up sufficiently, got sick of playing Uno and our raincoats had somewhat dried off, the rain let up and we tackled another 250m altitude difference.
Not far past the hut we came across a rather indifferent chamois, an alpine mountain goat. It stood, stared and continued to chew. By the time we hit the peak, the sun even broke through the clouds and turned the surface of the Inn river into a silvery worm. The views from Naunspitze were pretty spectacular in all directions. Not sure though I’d want to go up with Little Dub on my back rather than inside my belly – it was pretty steep and slippery on the final stretch.

Gams auf dem Aufstieg zur Naunspitze // Chamois on the way up to Naunspitze
Blick von der Naunspitze ins Inntal // Overlooking the Inn valley


Lager auf der Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte // dorm room sleeping at the Vorderkaiserfelden hut

By the time we returned to the hut, not only were the sourrounding peaks dusted with a fresh coating of snow, but it had also started raining again. While we went for another round in the Stubn we noticed someone pull up with a little pick-up truck. They started unloading wooden crates and old shelves, broken beams and used 2x4s, piling them up into an ever growning tower. It didn’t look like they had ever set up a campfire let alone lit it. Charly Chaplin would have been impressed by the show they put on. But while the evening rain continued at least a little tarp protected the upper storeys of the tower from getting soaked.

Though, who can really complain about a suprise Johanni fire atop a mountain?



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