Hi. I’m Amelie. I love Munich. I love food. I love life.
And many other things, too.

mangia minga - Amelie.

I grew up just outside München (=Munich, Germany). The city was always within reach by train in just half an hour, but as teens we didn’t fully take advantage of that other than for shopping and partying. We were close enough to the city to not be on the country side. But while traditions and culture were an everpresent – yet somewhat unnoted – aspect of life in Bavaria, we weren’t quite as immersed in the vibrant cultural life out in the country – aufm Land.

Right after highschool, a bug bit me: I headed to Toronto, Canada, for my undergrad degree, because I wanted to “study abroad, in an English speaking country, that wasn’t as rainy as the UK and not as far away as New Zealand”. So Canada it was.

And what a good decision that was. I not only met some amazing friends, but my-now husband, Dub. I sometimes joke I imported him from Canada. The reality is he, took a leap of faith and followed me here after I decided I would do my masters back home.

Hoamad – home, where I hang my hat, grow my roots and where my heart is – is here. When people think of Germany, most stereotypes that come to mind, are what Germans picture when they say Bavaria: Heavy food with meat in every dish, people wearing Lederhosn and Dirndl day-in-day out, and drinking beer for breakfast. I’m not saying, these stereotypes are completely ungrounded (not completely anyways). But there are delicious Bavarian desserts and fresh, light dishes, people in the city are confused when you wear a Dirndl outside the big festivals, and drinking beer at Oktoberfest loses its shine with rising beer prices, the stench of the tents after the first day and massive line-ups early in the morning.

Mangia Quoi?

What language is that anyways?

München is often referred to by its residents as “the northernmost city of Italy”. Which of course it is in no way. It’s German through and through, especially the waitresses in the Bierhallen. But, on a warm summer evening with the city buzzing with people wandering the streets, cafés spilling out onto the sidewalks, Aperol Spritz on the tables, and vespas zipping down “Corso Leopoldo”, I do often catch myfself thinking, “München IST die nördlichste Stadt Italiens”, it *is* the northernmost city of Italy. Monaco die Bavaria.

Long story short, adding a little Italian to my blog felt like a good idea. Especially when that Italian word goes so well with the Bavarian name for the city: Minga.

So: Eat Munich. It’s delicious, not just literally.


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