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Johannifeuer auf der Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte

“The best days are not planned by common sense, by lack of time You just happen to be where everything feels fine”. (Anna Ternheim, “My secret”) It’s not quite true, that we didn’t plan our Johanni hike to Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte near Kufstein. We had planned something, just something else. Then we found out Little Dub was… Continue reading Johannifeuer auf der Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte


browsing through family history

A few weeks before our wedding, my grandma couldn’t hold back her curiosity anymore and bombarded me with all sorts of questions. Maybe she had been holding back when Dub was around – which this time he wasn’t. But maybe there was finally an evening when my family was actually so interested in me that… Continue reading browsing through family history

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Sewing a Dirndl: Aprons

I’m sewing a Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress – or rather one of it’s modern day versions. In other posts I was working on the folds („Stifteln“) for the apron. I spent hours hand-sewing the folds for the aprons, now it’s about time to put them together. I’m doing two similar aprons in different fabrics… Continue reading Sewing a Dirndl: Aprons