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Foraging herbs around Benediktbeuern

I’m always excited about the diversity of courses offered by the Münchner Volkshochschule. I’ve been to dirndl sewing classes and foraging walks, Bavarian singing evenings and woodworking workshops, fashion sketching studios and cabarets. And with the spring pulsing from every corner out there now is the time for another foraging trip! For this one we… Continue reading Foraging herbs around Benediktbeuern

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Homemade Orange Brandy

Ein Schlückchen in Ehren kann niemand verwehren. Stopping by grandma’s is always special. Not that it’s special, as in different each time. It’s not. It’s more a chatty visit with ever recurring routines. Not those stiff boring routines that you’re yearning to break out of. Rather those comfortable routines where it feels right because you know… Continue reading Homemade Orange Brandy

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Roaming for Restaurants: Forsthaus Ilkahöhe

I don’t remember the first time I came to Ilkahöhe. It must have been one of those spots, Mum and us would occasionally drop by one a fall walk. From the top of the hill flanking the Starnberger See – the Höhe – the view over the foothills of the Alps is pretty nice on… Continue reading Roaming for Restaurants: Forsthaus Ilkahöhe