Baby, it’s cold outside.

knitting a bavarian-style baby jacket – a Jankerl New years are new beginnings. For me, 2015 held a very big new beginning: I changed field. From working in urban energy planning academia to being a construction site manager for renovation projects and tight urban lots. From biking 20 minutes through downtown Munich every morning to… Continue reading Baby, it’s cold outside.


Wedding Prep: sewing bag toss bags

We’ve done some serious wedding planning in the past few days: making calls, writing emails, design and discussing invitations… And sewing bean bags! We were already thinking about setting up a few lawn games when I walked into a pretty cutesy fabric store in Maxvorstadt and they happened to have fabric in just the right… Continue reading Wedding Prep: sewing bag toss bags

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Sewing a Dirndl: Aprons

I’m sewing a Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress – or rather one of it’s modern day versions. In other posts I was working on the folds („Stifteln“) for the apron. I spent hours hand-sewing the folds for the aprons, now it’s about time to put them together. I’m doing two similar aprons in different fabrics… Continue reading Sewing a Dirndl: Aprons